3 reasons to include getting ready photos on your wedding day

January 15, 2021

Whether or not to have getting ready photos is a decision couples often struggle with. Having full day photography coverage is more of an investment for sure; so, do you REALLY need to have those morning of photos? Here’s a few reasons why I think you do.

Candid + special moments you wouldn’t have otherwise

The morning of your wedding is such a special time; it’s often my favourite part of the day. It’s filled with anticipation, excitement, and happiness. Having photos of these moments will transport you right back to your wedding day, and how you felt in the hours leading up to your ceremony.
For all you candid photo lovers; there are a TON of opportunities here. The majority of getting ready photos aren’t staged or posed, they are you and you wedding party and/or loved ones fully immersed in the moment. There’s a ton of laughs, often happy tears too. You can allow yourself to relax and enjoy your morning, feeling reassured you’ll have some great behind the scenes images. This is also a time that your photographer can capture other things going on you may not have noticed or been a part of; glances between parents, laughs between your bridal party, playtime with your kids or pets.


Wedding details are a photographer’s dream. I often hear couples tell me they don’t care for photos of their rings, or they don’t need any shots of their dress; but trust me, as the years go on and you want to remember your day in full, you’ll be thankful to have those images! On the flip side - if you spent a lot of money on your flowers, or if you have something special incorporated into your day (like a charm or special cuff links), you will be so thankful to have beautiful images of those things for years to come.

Capture your complete wedding story

Another common phrase I hear is ‘but what will I do with getting ready photos? I don’t need them.’. While your morning of photos won’t necessarily be your framers, or the shots you blow up and put on your wall, they will be extremely special in their own way. Having a complete story from start to finish in images is something you will cherish as the years go on. You’ll be able to look back at your wedding as a full and complete story; the whole day, and remember how you felt in each moment. I’ve often had past clients tell me they enjoy sitting down on their anniversary with their partner and looking back through their photos; they are able to relive the entire day and feel exactly how they felt at their wedding.

So, in short - do you need getting ready photos? No, you don’t need them. But will you be thankful afterwards that you invested extra for this part of the day? 100%.